Adult Entertainment Law

Adult Entertainment Law

Expertise in Adult Entertainment Law

At Walters Law Group, our adult entertainment attorneys possess unrivaled experience in Adult Entertainment Law. For more than three decades, our legal team has been at the forefront, staunchly advocating for sexual freedom rights and battling against erotic media censorship.

Advocacy for Adult Content Producers and Performers

Our dedicated legal service extends to various stakeholders in the adult entertainment industry. We routinely assist adult content producers, website operators, online platforms, and adult performers, providing them with comprehensive legal compliance solutions.

Global Clientele in Adult Entertainment

The firm’s reach in the adult entertainment sector is global, offering services to a diverse set of clients that range from small start-ups breaking into the industry to established multinational corporations seeking to maintain compliance and fight for their rights.

Legal Defense Against Government Censorship

Our experienced adult entertainment lawyers have a proven track record of successfully defending clients in the adult entertainment industry against government censorship. This defense spans both civil cases and criminal prosecutions.

Nationwide Legal Representation

Walters Law Group boasts an extensive portfolio of cases handled throughout the United States, in both state and federal courts. Our battle for protecting sexual expression and the First Amendment has even reached the United States Supreme Court.

Upholding First Amendment Rights in Adult Entertainment

We take immense pride in our role as protectors of sexual expression, vehemently defending the First Amendment rights of our clients. Trust Walters Law Group to be your reliable legal partner in the adult entertainment industry.

Adult entertainment legal services include:

  • Section 2257 Records Keeping Advice

    Full Section 2257 compliance advice for producers and distributors of sexually explicit content including age-verification procedures, ID requirements, records keeping obligations, database access, and 2257 records inspections.

  • Content Production Procedures

    Legal and operational advice to establish best practices for recruiting and hiring performers, drafting of model releases, consent issues, performer interviews, post-production procedures, and content clearance.

  • Website Operations Advice

    Comprehensive legal guidance on the legal obligations associated with adult website operations, terms of service, FTC issues, advertising law, disclaimers, and acceptable use policies.

  • Section 230 Immunity Advice

    Experienced professional advice and recommendations regarding establishment and maintenance of Section 230 immunity for third party content and user account interaction.

  • FOSTA/SESTA Compliance

    Our attorneys have substantial experience dealing with the unique challenges created for online platform operations by FOSTA/SESTA and mitigating the associated liability in connection with illegal activity by third party users.

  • DMCA Safe Harbor Policies

    Protecting user-generated content platforms from liability for copyright infringement based on user-posted materials is essential for this business model. We offer experienced legal guidance in developing and implementing DMCA safe harbor policies, practices, and procedures. We also offer DMCA Agent services upon request.

  • Content Moderation Advice

    Our services include extensive advice regarding moderation of third-party content by online platform providers, including unacceptable content identification, blocking, and banning.

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Our firm has extensive experience in protecting the intellectual property rights of our clients’ content and brand names through copyright and trademark registration, DMCA notices, cease and desist demands, and litigation when necessary.

  • Subpoena Compliance

    Responding to subpoenas and law enforcement requests is commonplace for today’s adult business operators. Our attorneys assist with all manners of legal requests from law enforcement and private parties.

  • Obscenity / Harmful Materials Evaluation

    Adult business operators must guard against the ever-present risk of obscenity and harmful materials violations. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients on these issues including defense of numerous obscenity cases across the country in state and federal courts.

  • Privacy/Data Breach Policies

    Data privacy law is a fast-growing field, with numerous developments at the state, federal, and international levels. We assist clients with drafting and implementing privacy policies and handling data breach issues, including GDPR compliance and data subject responses.

  • Webcam/Content Sharing Network Advice

    The live webcam and content sharing business models have exploded in popularity; however, they require serious attention to legal details. Our firm represents some of the largest operators in this field, and has the experience to help achieve legal compliance.

  • Banking / Credit Card Processing Compliance

    The adult industry is required to meet stringent industry standards in order to access banking and credit card processing services. We routinely assist clients with addressing legal compliance requirements imposed by the financial services sector.

  • Civil Litigation / Criminal Defense

    With decades of experience representing adult businesses in courtrooms across the United States, our firm can effectively handle litigation at all levels – in both civil and criminal cases.

Adult Entertainment Law Technology

In addition to legal advice, Walters Law Group offers a variety of tools and devices to assist with compliance obligations including a patented age verification service, an automated copyright infringement notification system, and a Section 2257 compliance mobile application. We bring value to your business with our combined legal and technical knowledge. For more information, visit:


Quick 2257 - Adult Entertainment Law

Quick DMCA - Adult Entertainment Law

Birth Date Verifier - Adult Entertainment Law

Frequently Asked Questions – Adult Entertainment Law

What is Adult Entertainment Law?

Adult Entertainment Law refers to the legal aspects governing the adult entertainment industry, which includes matters such as compliance with regulations, intellectual property protection, business formation, website operation, and litigation.

What legal services does Walters Law Group offer in Adult Entertainment Law?

Walters Law Group offers a wide range of services in Adult Entertainment Law, including compliance assistance, intellectual property protection, litigation services, and personalized legal advice. We also provide guidance on business formation, website operations, and content reviews.

How does Walters Law Group assist with legal compliance in the adult entertainment industry?

Our team helps clients comply with various state and federal regulations, such as 2257 recordkeeping requirements, FOSTA/SESTA prohibitions, privacy laws, and age verification legislation, ensuring our clients operate within the legal framework.

How does Walters Law Group help with intellectual property issues in the adult entertainment industry?

We offer a range of intellectual property services, including support for trademark/copyright registration and protection, monitoring for intellectual property rights infringements, resolving domain name disputes, and drafting licensing agreements.

Does Walters Law Group provide litigation services in Adult Entertainment Law?

Yes, we do. Our attorneys can represent clients in court over a range of issues, including contract disputes, intellectual property infringement lawsuits, FOSTA/SESTA claims, or defenses in obscenity prosecutions.

Can Walters Law Group provide services nationwide?

Yes. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in courts across the country, including the United States Supreme Court. The federal and constitutional law issues facing our clients are uniform throughout the United States.

Why should I choose Walters Law Group for Adult Entertainment Law?

Walters Law Group specializes in Adult Entertainment Law, understanding the unique challenges of this industry. Our attorneys provide tailored advice and representation, ensuring our clients make informed business decisions and stay abreast of the latest legal developments.

adult entertainment law

Adult Entertainment Attorneys Resources

Legal Guide for Operating an Adult Website

This legal guide is intended to provide an overview of the federal and constitutional issues impacting operation of an adult website. The information provided here is geared towards new operators and those thinking about getting into the business. Given the wide-ranging legal issues facing the adult Internet industry, formal legal representation by a qualified adult website attorney is recommended. This guide can be used as a resource to ensure that the relevant topics are discussed with your counsel.

1. Introduction

The author has represented adult website operators since the inception of the industry and has defended numerous state and federal obscenity prosecutions against adult website content. This guide is by no means intended as an exhaustive list, but covers the most common legal issues encountered by adult website operators. Adult entertainment is considered a “highly regulated industry” in the United States. That means the government can get away with imposing a wide variety of laws and regulations relating to the operation of adult websites, which differ from other “mainstream” goods or services. However, the First Amendment limits the extent of these regulations if they discriminate against sexually oriented content. The adult website operator should become an expert on legal compliance…Read more here

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Preserving Online Freedom – FOSTA, Age Verification, & Censorship

Adult Entertainment Attorney Lawrence Walters and First Amendment Lawyer Bob Corn-Revere discuss current issues involving censorship of adult content in this Woodhull Freedom Foundation presentation.

This panel originally aired in August 2023 as a part of Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s 2023 Censorship Series. Woodhull President & CEO Ricci Levy welcomes two members of Woodhull’s powerhouse legal team, Bob Corn-Revere and Larry Walters, in this panel discussion. They have a spirited discussion of the consequences of age verification laws, social media regulation, and restrictions on adult entertainment — answering the question, “What does this mean for YOU?” Bob Corn-Revere and Larry Walters also discuss the final decision in Woodhull Freedom Foundation v. The United States of America, Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), and what the ruling means for pending and future legislation. Watch other Censorship Series programs here:   • Censorship Series  

Adult Entertainment Law



About Walters Law Group

Walters Law Group is a top-tier law firm with a seasoned team of attorneys who have earned a rich legacy through multiple decades of experience in the field. We offer an array of legal services that cater to clients operating in the adult entertainment industry. This overview will detail how our experienced attorneys can support professionals in this industry.

Understanding the Legal Landscape in Adult Entertainment

Recognizing the unique legal hurdles that adult entertainment professionals face, Walters Law Group offers the necessary support to successfully navigate the ever-changing legal landscape. Our forte lies in our ability to help clients in this sector stay compliant with the latest legal developments; enabling them to make informed business decisions.

Compliance Assistance in Adult Entertainment Law

Legal compliance is critical in the adult entertainment field, and we are here to help. Acknowledging the heavy regulation in the adult entertainment industry, we ensure our clients comply with applicable state and federal requirements. Walters Law Group aids clients in meeting various regulations, including 2257 recordkeeping obligations, FOSTA/SESTA restrictions, privacy laws, content moderation rules, and age verification law.

Intellectual Property Services

In addition to compliance-related services, Walters Law Group extends its expertise to a spectrum of intellectual property services. This includes support for trademark/copyright registration and protection, monitoring for intellectual property infringements, resolution of domain name disputes, and crafting licensing agreements. Safeguarding intellectual property is pivotal for our clients’ success in the adult entertainment sector.

Litigation Services

Walters Law Group is recognized for its long history of litigating important, precedent-setting cases. Our accomplished attorneys can represent clients in court on a wide variety of issues, including business disagreements, intellectual property infringement claims, FOSTA/SESTA allegations, privacy/publicity lawsuits, civil rights matters, and white-collar criminal defense. We represent clients at both trial and appellate court levels, along with representation in administrative proceedings. Our litigation attorneys are admitted to practice in courts throughout the country, including the United States Supreme Court. Our worldwide network of legal contacts allows our firm to assist clients in resolving disputes wherever they might arise.

Tailored Legal Services for Adult Entertainment Industry

Walters Law Group knows adult entertainment. Our attorneys have been actively representing clients in this field for over thirty years and remain current on the evolving legal climate in real time. We don’t spend our time (and your money) getting up to speed. Our lawyers understand the unique challenges faced by clients in this industry, offering tailored advice and representation. This personalized service includes guidance on business formation, website operations, content reviews, online agreements, age verification, and much more.

The services provided by Walters Law Group can be invaluable for any performer, publisher, website operator, or company involved in the adult entertainment industry. Walters Law Group has earned the highest “AV-preeminent” rating from, a 10.0 “Superb” rating by, and Mr. Walters has been recognized as a Super Lawyer by since 2020. With its focused skills and knowledge, the firm offers the necessary direction and advice for navigating the ever-changing legal environment and helping our clients succeed while mitigating risk. Walters Law Group is a recognized leader for clients looking for unparalleled experience and skill in adult entertainment law.