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Gaming LawOur firm provides experienced legal guidance to clients involved in all facets of the online gaming industry. Legal compliance is critical in the ever-changing field of online gaming law. We routinely assist clients involved with skill gaming, sweepstakes, penny auctions, contests, fantasy sports, social casinos, e-sports, and other gaming interests. Our firm is equipped to evaluate the legality of online gaming business models and provide the information necessary to evaluate the potential risks and rewards. Our services include the following:


· Legal Compliance Review

· Promotion/Advertising Evaluation

· Affiliate Contracts

· Legal Opinions

· Website Terms, Policies, & Disclaimers

· KYC / AML Compliance

· Gaming Law Advice

· White Collar Criminal Defense


Lawrence G. Walters has represented the online gaming industry for over 25 years and is a founding member of the International Masters of Gaming Law. Please feel free to contact us for further information about our legal services.


Overview of Online Gaming Law

The law surrounding Internet gaming in the United States has developed substantially in the last fifteen years. In that time, legislation and enforcement efforts have resulted in a highly-regulated industry. The Department of Justice contends that all forms of traditional Internet gambling are illegal under United States federal law, as is the marketing, promotion, or advertising thereof. Indeed, some forms of online gambling, like sports betting, are specifically prohibited by federal statutes. Other gaming activity may or may not be legal, depending on the circumstances.

Federal authorities rely upon the Wire Wager Act (“Wire Act”) as the basis for asserting that Internet gambling is illegal. This law prohibits betting on sporting events, or other contests, using “wire” systems (including telephones or the Internet). The courts have agreed that the Wire Act only restricts sports betting, however the Office of the Attorney General has issued conflicting opinions on the matter. Various other federal laws may apply to certain online gambling activities…more


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