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Our top-rated law firm represents clients worldwide on cutting-edge legal issues. We are dedicated to protecting constitutional rights and defending free expression. With decades of experience, the first amendment lawyers at Walters Law Group have the knowledge and resources to handle complex legal matters. Our attorneys focus on internet law, intellectual property, gaming, and First Amendment law. The professionals at Walters Law Group are committed to aggressively servicing the unique needs of each client.

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First Amendment Lawyers

Mr Walters depth of knowledge is incredible. Definitely the first and only choice for a solicitor in this field.


I contacted the Walters Law Group for a consultation regarding a new online business venture in the adult entertainment industry. In speaking with Mr. Walters, I was impressed by his ability to address all of my questions in a thoughtful and nuanced manner. He displayed great understanding of the subject matter, and perhaps more importantly, an ability to communicate that understanding in a comprehensive yet concise fashion. I came to our consultation with a host of complex questions, and left with meaningful answers to all of them. The firm also prepared a handful of documents for me, and thoroughly reviewed each of them to ensure I understood them fully. Initially I was only looking for a consultation, however after speaking with Mr. Walters I was thoroughly impressed, and after some reflection I decided it was in my best interests to become a client of the firm. I'm glad I did.


The Attorney was very professional. Each of the topics discussed were explained in detail and compared with the respective Law, but the most valuable thing was the advice on what we should not do and what we can do within the framework of the Law. Excellent. Thanks.


Lawrence Walters Consulted with me on the adult Industry. we went over a lot of the legal issues I need to be aware of before starting a new Business. Lawrence was very knowledgeable about the industry and answered all my questions to his fullest legal knowledge of the adult industry I would highly recommend him consulting with him or hired him for any issues relating to his law practice.


I'm the Senior Strategist for Woodhull Freedom Foundation. Larry Walters is our general counsel and also one of the lead attorneys on the lawsuit, Woodhull v. United States, that we filed challenging SESTA-FOSTA. Walters has done an excellent job keeping the organization appraised of the status of the suit at every stage. The documents he has contributed to (motions, briefs, responses) are all thoroughly researched and clearly written. In addition to his work on our case, he also routinely provides legal advice to the organization in a way that is constructive, clear, and prompt. I would hire Walters for any case related to first amendment issues or internet issues.


Prompt and very knowledgeable. He really listened to me and my needs and addressed each concern effectively. I feel confident in his abilities to assist me in all legal issues I may have moving forward.


Larry charged me a fair fee for a phone consultation, in which he detailed every aspect of the new federal Section 230 laws along with potential civil and criminal penalties associated with various adult internet business models. He was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and his advice was extremely helpful in allowing me to make appropriate business decisions. Peace !!

Lucky Lieberman

After conducting a national search for top legal expertise in website design and regulatory compliance for new adult products, our company retained Larry Walters. We were not disappointed. Larry thoroughly and quickly grasped all aspects of the new project including a variety of thorny practical and legal issues, some of which we did not anticipate. Larry assisted in establishing systems that are compliant with complex legal regulations but also are consumer and business friendly. He became an integral (and well liked!) member of our team. We couldn't have asked for better results.

Larry is the best attorney we have ever worked with. His dedication to free speech and to the first amendment is in his DNA and he has the highest of ethical standards. If you have a complicated free speech issue - look no further.

Alex - First Choice for First Amendment and Free Speech Representation

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed.

Preparation is the key to a winning outcome. Our attorneys are committed to excellence and professionalism.

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