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Attorney Walters comments on the defamation case brought by George Zimmerman against presidential candidates.


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First Amendment Attorney Lawrence Walters on Sign Code Dispute

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Lawrence Walters comments on the First Amendment implications of bloggers revenge stunt

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Free Speech debate about posting critical comments online and potential SLAPP lawsuits

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Are cell phones spying on your children?

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Attorney Lawrence Walters discusses privacy concerns with black boxes in cars

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Lawrence Walters on Good Morning America - Commenting on the Joe Francis Defamation Case

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Lawrence Walters discusses the Casey Anthony case with Geraldo Rivera.

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Investigative report on lawsuit against the Florida Lottery for failing to pay $500,000 on winning Gold Rush ticket.

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O Reilly Factor Student Rights.

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Sea World – PITA Claims Keeping Whales violates Thirteenth Amendment prohibiting Slavery – Ch 35

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Prayer in Florida Schools – Ch 35

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Prayer before public meetings in Florida.

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Court decision on graphic cigarette ads and Free Speech.

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Violent Video Game Decision by Supreme Court – Commentary

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New Teen Sexting Law Passed in Florida

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FIJA Jury Nullification Case

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Cruel and unusual punishment based on soy-based Jail Food

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Sale of personal DL info by Florida DMV

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Monitoring of shoppers in malls via cell phones.

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Fox News Channel, Walters predicts Blago conviction prior to verdict

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Mr. Walters Fox News appearance discussing the Michelle Parker disappearance and the release of the suspect in Aruba.

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Lawrence Walters predicts Casey Anthony acquittal on Fox & Friends

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Lawrence Walters appears on Fox & Friends to discuss the Casey Anthony case

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Discussion regarding potential legal liability for posting negative feedback on eBay

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Comments on the Privacy violations resulting from Florida's sale of Driver's License information to marketing company

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Should loud music be illegal – Florida Courts are split – Mr. Walters discusses the legal issues

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Comments on Florida's Confederate License Plate Legal Battle

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More discussion about laws prohibiting texting while walking

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Woman called 'worthless' during job hunt because she is pregnant, Mr. Walters outlines her legal options

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The dangers of giving out your zip code with credit card transactions – Mr. Walters discusses the privacy concerns

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O'Reilly Factor Appearance discussing the impact of the War on Terrorism on the Bill of Rights

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O'Reilly Factor discussion about proposed law requiring state reporting of teen pregnancy

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Fox 35 Orlando talks to Lawrence Walters about laws prohibiting texting while walking

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Nightline discusses sexting laws with Attorney Lawrence Walters

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Lawrence Walters discusses sexting laws on The View

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Lawrence Walters discusses 'sexting' laws on MTV

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Mr. Walters discusses federal regulation of adult films with a U.S. Representative on CNBC Part 1

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Mr. Walters discusses federal regulation of adult films with a U.S. Representative on CNBC Part 2

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Asiana Airlines Potential Defamation Lawsuit

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Larry Walters and Paula Zahn talk about profanity in public on CNN

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Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook

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Lawrence Walters discusses Florida bill that would ban books in schools

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Lawrence Walters Discusses Liability for Online Posts