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“Walters Law Group has helped me for many years now and has provided top notch assistance in many areas. When I needed their help fast they provided it fast, professionally and cost effective. I HIGHLY recommend hiring them…” Read more

Frank Davis, August 2019

“Experts in First Amendment issues” Read more

Client on September 9, 2019

“A Dream Come True Awesome!!!” Read more

Trish, a Civil Rights client, about a year ago

“Could not have hoped for better representation.” Read more

Copyright client, 3 years ago

“Attitude and behaviour above the crowd.” Read more

D.L., a Internet client, 3 years ago

“There is no better attorney!” Read more

Jude, Orlando, FL on 02/02/16

“Excellent professional service” Read more

Sam on June 13, 2017

“Lawrence is the face of first amendment law. Great attorney and family man.” Read more

Geoff Hoatson, Esq. on May 14, 2015

“Highly Recommended” Read more

Aaron Hart on July 29, 2016

“He is renowned in his area of practice and has always had a great passion for individual rights. He should have the highest rating.” Read more

A Private Practice Attorney on 01/22/15

“I first met Larry Walters as opposing counsel in a copyright infringement case some 12 years ago. Since then, we have become colleagues and friends. Don’t let the boyish good looks fool you, Walters is one of the wisest and most experienced lawyers in the country when it comes to … Read more

Gill D. Sperlein, Esq. on Jun 24, 2014

“I have known Larry Walters for over 25 years. I believe he is one of the most competent and ethical lawyers in practice today in his field or any other practice area in Florida.” Read more

A Private Practice Attorney on 01/22/15

“A very professional and very thorough attorney.” Read more

A Private Practice Attorney on 01/22/15

“I have worked with Mr. Walters on complicated matters involving Constitutional rights. His knowledge and experience in this area, particularly involving matters of individual rights, are outstanding.” Read more

A Private Practice Attorney on 01/22/15

“Mr. Walters is excellent and brilliant in every way. He is the pinnacle of legal excellence.” Read more

A Private Practice Attorney on 01/22/15

“I am very familiar with Mr. Walters. In terms of litigation, I have reviewed his written work and seen him in Court on multiple occasions. He is superb. I have also seen his writings and presentations outside the litigation context and, again, he is top notch. The best in his … Read more

A Private Practice Attorney on 01/23/15

“Based upon my own personal knowledge and observations of his legal abilities ,I highly recommend Larry Walters.” Read more

A Private Practice Attorney on 01/22/15

“Outstanding” Read more

Private Practice Attorney, on January 22, 2015

“He is superb.” Read more

Private Practice Attorney

“Some people think I am a really good First Amendment lawyer. Well, this is where I learned how to be one. Larry is a great lawyer, sees all 360 degrees of a problem. Knows how to get the job done.” Read more

Marc J. Randazza, Esq. on June 10, 2018