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The purpose of an initial consultation is to establish an overview of your legal issues and generally advise you about how to confront them. It also presents a valuable opportunity for us to evaluate each other, which is important because it is our strong belief that an attorney-client relationship should be one where each is comfortable with the other. After our initial consultation, we will not have a further attorney-client relationship with you unless you retain us for further representation and we agree to represent you.


The information provided during this consultation is intended for consumption only by the client retaining our services. This information should not be shared with third parties because by doing so, you may waive the confidentiality privilege that otherwise attaches to these communications. Also, no person other than the designated client representative should be present (or on the telephone line) during the consultation. If you intend to include additional individuals in the consultation, please discuss those issues with us beforehand, so we can determine whether their inclusion may compromise the privileged nature of the communications.


Typically, our consultations last about an hour, but the length will not change that fee. Thus, you need not be concerned that you will be subject to additional charges if the consultation is somewhat longer than anticipated.


Prior to our conversation, you also should make arrangements for our office to have copies of any documents you have in your possession and which are material to the legal issues that you wish to discuss with us.

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