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Walters Law Group helps win online copyright ruling for JuicyAds

LOS ANGELES — A federal judge yesterday sided with JuicyAds and dismissed a lawsuit that accused the adult ad network of profiting from pirate sites that use its service to generate revenue.212871_r5 Home The case, filed this past summer at Los Angeles federal court by adult publisher ALS Scan, was the first where an ad traffic company stood accused of aiding pirate sites.
ALS Scan sued JuicyAds, content delivery network CloudFlare and other third parties for copyright infringement carried out by its users.
ALS Scan, in its complaint, said it alerted Juicy Ads 195 times about infringing activities of several customers, but that it took no action in response and continued to offer services.
“[J]uicyAds and Cloudflare make money by continuing to do commerce with sites that draw traffic through the lure of free infringing content,” ALS Scan said in the complaint. Read More


Beginner’s Guide to Safely Operating an Adult Website By: Lawrence G. Walters, Esq. This legal guide is intended to provide an overview of the federal and constitutional issues impacting operation of an adult website. It is intended for the newbie or those thinking about getting into the   Read More