First Amendment Law/Censorship Issues: The focus of our firm’s practice has traditionally been in the First Amendment and anti-Censorship fields. Our attorneys have been involved in significant Free Speech cases in courts across the country at all levels, including the United States Supreme Court. These cases have involved issues relating to obscenity laws, zoning and licensing ordinances, advertising, protests, defamation defense, fair use, freedom of information/public records, civil rights violations, and bad faith prosecutions. Over the last 25 years, Walters Law Group has established a national reputation based on its legal work in the online entertainment field. However, the firm handles First Amendment claims on behalf of individuals and traditional ‘brick and mortar‘ businesses as well.


Content Evaluation & Clearance: Many of our clients utilize our services to perform a legal analysis of controversial and/or mainstream content prior to distribution. The firm’s attorneys are available to review media content for compliance with legal regulations such as obscenity, defamation, fair use, infringement, privacy, publicity, and other legal compliance issues.


Media Law: Our firm provides legal guidance on numerous Media Law issues including defamation (defense only), infringement claims, privacy and commercial exploitation concerns and content licensing issues. In some circumstances, we can act as an agent or spokesperson for your cause or company.


Gaming Law: Walters Law Group has been involved in the online gaming field since its inception. We represent clients throughout the world in all facets of online gaming and gambling. In addition, we represent Florida clients involved with tribal gaming, fantasy sports, sweepstakes, skill gaming, arcades, and other gaming-related issues. Our firm has also been active in providing legal compliance advice to gaming affiliates and software developers. Learn More here:


Internet Law: Our firm represents the interests of the online entertainment community across the globe. We regularly advise clients on Internet law issues, including domain name disputes, online agreements, virtual currency, Section 230 immunity, DMCA Safe Harbor, internet defamation, and online intellectual property issues. We act as designated DMCA agent for hundreds of website operators, and can provide an overall legal analysis of your website operations to assist in legal compliance and risk mitigation efforts. Learn More here:


Copyrights & Trademarks: Protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights is one of our foremost obligations. Copyright and trademark theft are rampant in the digital marketplace given technological advancements allowing electronic content to be misappropriated with ease. We aggressively pursue copyright and trademark infringement claims on behalf of traditional and new media clients. We also assist in perfecting your copyright and submitting applications for trademark protection with governmental entities. Our firm developed and copyrighted the world’s first automated online copyright enforcement device described at, which is available free of charge to our clients, and has been made available to anyone as a mobile app:


Domain Name Disputes: Our attorneys are available to represent your interests in connection with disputes over the use and registration of domain names on the World Wide Web. Whether providing representation in an ICANN proceeding, administrative action, or in court, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to provide superior representation in connection with your domain name.


Privacy Litigation: Occasionally, celebrities and private individuals become involved in disputes relating to their privacy or rights of publicity. Our firm has significant experience in litigating privacy and publicity actions in state and federal court. We are available to handle both the pursuit and defense of such claims.


Criminal Defense: We have decades of experience defending clients against criminal charges premised upon controversial forms of entertainment. Many of our high profile victories are a matter of public record, and can be easily accessed through an online searches. We regularly represent website operators, service providers and content producers on a variety of white collar criminal charges including obscenity, racketeering, money laundering, and related offenses. Our attorneys are available to zealously defend clients in the unfortunate event of a criminal charge, indictment or investigation.


Advertising Law: Since the Internet is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, we have substantial experience in representing website operators in connection with FTC investigations and litigation. Our firm’s particular focus has been on defending against allegations of deceptive trade practices, CAN SPAM violations, and data breach.


Permitting, Licensing & Zoning: Several of our firm’s high profile cases have been in the Permitting, Licensing & Zoning area. Local and state governments often attempt to legislate morality, and impose censorship by enacting restrictive Permitting, Licensing & Zoning laws applicable to controversial entertainment businesses. Often these laws cross the line of constitutional protection afforded by the First Amendment. Our firm has the necessary experience to mount effective constitutional challenges to Licensing and Zoning regulations.


Other Practice Areas: The above-listed practice areas are not intended to be an exhaustive list. If you have a legal matter falling outside these practice areas, please feel free to contact us for a consultation. Given our national reputation, and contacts with attorneys across the country, we can likely assist you or locate competent counsel for your legal matter if it falls outside our routine practice areas.